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Keystone XL Pipeline delayed — sometimes it takes time to slow, stop and change direction. Canada needs to think about this

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The 10th November decision by the U.S. to postpone a ruling on the planned pipeline until other routes through Nebraska have been reviewed will delay the ramp-up of tar sands exploitation in Alberta.  Prime Minister Harper issued a statement saying, “We are disappointed with today’s decision. We continue to believe the Keystone XL pipeline will create thousands of jobs and billions in economic growth on both sides of the border.”  But Harper is still missing the point.  Doubling production from Albertan tar sands is a move in precisely the wrong direction for Canada, and most of the billions in economic growth go to offshore multinationals.  This time we have the brave people of Nebraska to thank for helping us slow down to think about our future.  There are other ways to build a vibrant Canadian economy — ways that avoid the climate warming and water contamination that tar sands extraction produces.  Its time for Canadians to realize that tar sands remain valuable if left in the ground until we know how to extract them safely.  We need to start making correct decisions about our use of resources.  See stories in the Star and Globe & Mail.