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Other Writings



Marine MetapopulationsPeter Sale’s previous three books were all multi-author works designed for a technical readership. Ecology of Fishes on Coral Reefs, first published in 1991, became a minor classic among the small community of scientists who study coral reef fishes. It was followed, in 2002, by Coral Reef Fishes. Both include chapters by leading authorities on specific topics in reef fish ecology, behavior and general biology. Marine Metapopulations, co-edited with Jake Kritzer, is a different type of book, focusing not on the organism but the ecological concept – that of the metapopulation. It explores the extent to which different types of marine organism are organized as metapopulations.

Peter’s other writing has chiefly been technical papers in journals read only by scientists. A pity, because some of the articles are certainly accessible to interested readers from all backgrounds. The following are recommended for particularly interested readers. Contact Peter for a copy of any of these.



  • Revisiting climate thresholds and ecosystem collapse is a short article by Peter J. Mumby and 11 co-authors including P.F. Sale, published in 2011 in Frontiers in Ecology 9: 94-96. It deals with the different sorts of risk under differing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere.


  • The Growing Need for Sustainable Ecological Management of Marine Communities of the Persian Gulf. Ambio 40: 4-17. This 2011 article by Peter Sale and 10 co-authors is a survey of the many human-caused problems facing the Persian Gulf environment – even wealthy regions have environmental problems.


  • Management of coral reefs: Where we have gone wrong and what we can do about it. Marine Pollution Bulletin 56: 805-809. In this 2008 article, Peter Sale provides a brief outline of steps that need to be taken if coral reefs are to be sustained.


  • The Carbon Crisis: Coral Reefs under Rapid Climate Change and Ocean Acidification. Science 318: 1737-1742. In this very widely cited article from 2007, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg and 16 co-authors including P.F. Sale detail the critical issues concerning climate change and coral reefs.


  • The article, Critical science gaps impede use of no-take fishery reserves, by Peter Sale and 10 co-authors, was published in 2005 in Trends in Ecology and Evolution 20: 74-80.It provides a review of important gaps in knowledge that are impeding our ability to use marine protected areas as effectively as we should.