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Some Better News for Coral Reefs, Perhaps

Recent news about coral reefs and climate change has not been good.  In 2009, Glenn De’ath and colleagues at the Australian Institute for Marine Science had reported, on the basis of analysis of growth increments in a large sample of colonies of the massive corals, Porites spp., that growth rates across the Great Barrier Reef … Continue reading »

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Stories from a Coral Reef. Beginnings in Bermuda

Today’s post is the first of what I plan to be an occasional series of stories about coral reefs, coral reef biology, coral reef science, and so on.  I hope they will capture the imagination, because I am writing them for a specific purpose.  We are pushing this planet to become something very different to … Continue reading »

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COP19 Climate Conference Gave Me No Reasons for Optimism During a Cold Gray November

“Since golden October declined into sombre November And the apples were gathered and stored, and the land became brown sharp points of death in a waste of water and mud”. T.S. Eliot viewed November much like I do.  And this year, especially, when hereabouts it got cold early, with lots of rain and nary a … Continue reading »

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