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Climate Change, Confidence Tricks, and Conflict

On September 21st, Australia’s only national newspaper, The Australian, published an article by Professor Judith Curry, Chair and Professor in the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Institute of Technology’  Her topic?  The soon-to-be released 5th Assessment by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  Her title?  Consensus Distorts the Climate Picture!  Now, why … Continue reading »

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More Climate Change Impacts and More on Organized Denial

Lots to write about and far too little time.  As we approach the official release of the first parts of the IPCC Fifth Assessment, new climate science results are bubbling up all over the technical media, and I’ll be talking about several of these quite soon.  At the same time, Greenpeace, USA has released a … Continue reading »

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Adaptation to Climate Change Impacts on Coral Reefs…By Sliding our Baselines.

It was early June 1998.  I was at a workshop at University of Miami, at which we finalized the methodology for what came to be known as AGRRA – the Atlantic and Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment.  AGRRA was the brainchild of Bob Ginsberg, noted reef geologist at University of Miami.  He thought it would be … Continue reading »

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