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On Commitment to Global Change – The Change We Did Not Plan For, But Can Not Now Avoid

There will come a time when most of our coastal cities will look a bit like Venice at high tide – we have committed ourselves to this future.  Photograph © Andrea Pattero/AFP/Getty Images Those who follow the discussion of climate change over the years have become used to the concept of “committed warming”.  That is … Continue reading »

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Oil, Gas, Pipelines, Trains and Addiction

We are addicts, addicts for energy.  We don’t care where the energy comes from, so long as it’s not from our own muscles.  Put in a battery, plug it in, point it to the sun or the wind, or, better yet, head to your friendly gas station with a container and fill ‘er up.  We … Continue reading »

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Arctic warms, Jetstream wiggles, and Weather gets more extreme. Yes, our climate is changing dangerously.

This month the World Meterological Organization released its report on climate for the decade 2001 to 2010.  No real surprises; it’s the warmest decade on record since records began to be taken in the late 1880s.  Nine of the 10 warmest years occurred during this decade (1998 was the other warm one), and for the … Continue reading »

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