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Still dithering, and we are running out of time (on climate change)

Everybody noticed when Barach Obama mentioned the need to address climate change in his Inauguration Address last Monday (21st January).  Many became more hopeful; in my case the extra optimism did not last very long.  The challenge of climate change has been getting bigger year by year, and several items in the scientific literature this … Continue reading »

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Idle No More, Environment, Access to Government, and Canada’s Deplorable Environmental Performance

Idle No More marching near Ottawa.  Photo Dave Chidley, Canadian Press, from Ottawa Citizen They spring up suddenly, like mushrooms after a rain, with drums, banners, flags.  So far, they have been responsible, respectful of others, optimistic and welcoming.  It is wonderful to see citizens appealing for recognition in this way, even if it is … Continue reading »

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The True Cost of BAU — Why confronting the environmental crisis is going to be difficult.

I was in the process of writing this post when a new paper by Paul and Anne Ehrlich was published on-line by Proceedings of the Royal Society.  The Ehrlichs, of Stanford University, have been making the case for the need to address the growth of the human population, and more generally the need to confront … Continue reading »

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