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Some brief thoughts on the Occupy movement, on Canada’s economy and on its heritage

I continue to be an ecologist concerned at the perfect storm our species is unleashing on our environment.  I have difficulty seeing good solutions for the world in 2050, let alone 2100, although I know they are still out there, if only we would show some global political will.  Recently, I have been reading up … Continue reading »

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Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Policy — Is there one?

As a coral reef ecologist interested in the global environmental crisis because of its impacts on my favorite ecosystem, should I be devoting so many entries on this blog to Canada’s policy on greenhouse gases?  I think I should.  As a Canadian, I want my country to show its progressive side and become a leader … Continue reading »

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Environmental Crisis? Not for Our Political Leaders

Most people in North America are aware that we have been having a particularly warm and dry year.  Many of us attribute this to global climate change.  Some of us are concerned about this.  Others of us maintain it is ‘natural’, ‘normal’, ‘nothing to worry about’, or ‘part of a natural cycle’.  And some of … Continue reading »

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