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Tar Sands Oil: Environmentally and Economically a Bad Deal for Canada. Meanwhile the Government strips away our capacity to know what is happening to our environment.

May 21st 2012.  It’s sometimes nice to see your arguments vindicated, sometimes not so nice.  In a post on 4th March, I pointed to the high environmental costs of Canada’s tar sands mining operations, and raised the question of why Canada ‘needed’ to mine this resource now.  I also suggested that the addiction of our … Continue reading »

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Harper government works to produce a science-free Canada

In this blog, I try to comment on news, and particularly new science results, that affect our understanding of the environmental crisis.  Sometimes I comment in detail on specific issues such as ocean acidification, other times it’s more of a pot pouri.  I’ve been away on vacation for two weeks, and so many disturbing things … Continue reading »

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