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The changing climate on Our Dying Planet, in more ways than one

In Our Dying Planet, I devoted a chapter to climate change including the changes that were affecting the oceans and via oceans the coral reefs.  Climate change also featured in my discussions of energy use, population growth, and our challenges for the future.  Its disappointing to see that nothing I wrote two years or more … Continue reading »

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What War Horse could do for the Environmental Movement

Two days ago, I saw War Horse, the play not the movie.  I was fascinated by the skill with which the actors took some scraps of leather, plastic, wood and metal, and turned them into a horse.  Not just any horse, but a horse I cared deeply about.  The transformation was almost immediate; the puppeteers … Continue reading »

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Ethical oil, ethical government. What does ‘ethical’ mean and what does this have to do with ocean acidification?

[Two hours after I posted this, I saw  an article in the New Scientist.  If anyone doubts that Canada’s government has a problem with environmental science, go read this article.] I was worried about the current Canadian meaning of ‘ethical’ before I left the country on a 10-day trip to universities in the south-eastern US.  … Continue reading »

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