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Ocean Acidification – comparing the present to the past

The two consequences of our burning of fossil fuels are the increasing concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere with resulting warming effects on climate, and the increasing concentration of CO2 in the surface waters of the oceans with resulting impacts on ocean pH.  About 1/3 of the CO2 emitted dissolves into the ocean; its dissociation … Continue reading »

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Some Good News for Coral Reefs, Maybe…

14th March 2012.  Having posted just a few days ago, I was planning to develop some thoughts on ocean acidification to post in a week or so.  But then a news item caught my eye – some possible good news for the world’s coral reefs. Thanks to a colleague’s post on coral-list, I learned about … Continue reading »

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Phytoplankton productivity and climate change

12th March 2012.  It’s gratifying to see that the oceans are slowly beginning to attract the attention they should when people consider climate change and other aspects of the global environmental crisis.  The oceans play a major role in determining our weather, the composition of our atmosphere, and the rate of climate change.  They also … Continue reading »

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