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Viral pandemics and climate change – different pace, different response, a message perhaps?

We tried to follow our usual Saturday morning routine on Saturday morning.  We were foiled, in part, because of the way our community is responding to the onset of Covid-19.  There are lessons here on tipping points, on climate change, on pandemics, on human and societal response to emergencies.  And our town has zero cases … Continue reading »

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Environmental News – Lots of Confirmation of Expectations, Some Signs of Progress

Students marching on Ave. Parc, Montréal on 15th March, part of the worldwide student march that day, and one of the largest efforts in Canada.  The kids understand what is happening.  Image © John Mahony, Montreal Gazette. So, what has been happening in the world of climate change and environmental decline?  School students around the … Continue reading »

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Restoring Our Relationship with the Natural World

On 6th August, 2018, a paper was published on-line at the PNAS site.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS to its friends), is a highly respected science journal that has been published since 1915.  The article, by Will Steffen, of Stockholm Resilience Centre and Australian National University, … Continue reading »

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