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Two Years after Paris; Where do we Stand on Climate?

The Bonn climate conference wound up in the wee hours of Saturday 18th November, and delegates headed home.  What was accomplished there?  More important: What has the global community accomplished on climate in the two years that have elapsed since the Paris Agreement was finalized in 2015? Somehow this image talks to me about the … Continue reading »

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Hey, our world is a whole lot more complicated than we ecologists seem to believe.

I’ve been thinking a fair bit about the difficult challenges we face if we are going to become that responsible humanity we would like to see emerge in the Anthropocene.  I’m talking about the challenges in steering the planet successfully into a good future, meaning one not too different from the Holocene in which human … Continue reading »

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Transition is not easy – How we are doing on climate change.

Do you ever wonder about how the global transition away from fossil fuels is going?  Or how climate change is progressing?  Lately, the media have been so stuffed with stories from the circus, that other kinds of news have been crowded out.  Even the circus has some acts relevant to the climate question, but let’s … Continue reading »

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