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Finding Climate Stars to Steer By.

Bleaching as a sign we are off course It started last month with scattered reports from Mackay in the south to Port Douglas on the north Queensland coast.  The Great Barrier Reef has begun to bleach again.  Coral polyps by the million tossing out their minute symbiotic algae under the stress of warm water, and … Continue reading »

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Sea and Sky – Complexity abounds, which is why climate change is so difficult to understand and project into the future.

Reclining on a tropical beach, it is easy to think of the ocean as deliciously wet, salty and refreshing, while the sky is simply a blue transparency, a near nothingness that sometimes brings a cooling breeze.  In fact, both are complex mixtures of substances that are engaged in equally complex dances as they abide by … Continue reading »

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The many forms of cooperation on coral reefs

At a time when the political world seems overfilled with evidence of human greed, selfishness, destructive competitiveness, and utter immorality, I found myself reading Tim Flannery’s 2011 book, Here on Earth: A natural history of the planet.  It’s not perfect, but it is a good read.  It lifted my spirits. In it, Flannery contrasts the … Continue reading »

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