This website began as a way of telling people about my 2011 book, Our Dying Planet, including an Addendum page on this website, that briefly updates the book to September 2012.

Now the site serves to promote my new book, Coral Reefs, now available with delivery starting 25 May 2021.

Over time the site has evolved into a blog in which I discuss recent science results on aspects of the environmental crisis, and recent news events, particularly from Canada, pertaining to the struggle to get the crisis taken seriously.  Necessarily, I find there are important things to say about Canada’s tar sands, the Northern Gateway and Keystone XL pipelines, and attitudes to environment.  However, I also talk more generally about the global environmental crisis, and more specifically about particular ecological systems and how they, and we, are doing.  Visit, read, hopefully enjoy, comment, and tell your friends.

Peter Sale

Our Dying Planet

Our Dying Planet is my attempt, as an ecologist, to convey the complexity and severity of the environmental crisis, and the need for quick and determined action if we care at all about our own children. There is still time to act, and economically viable paths to take, that will bring us to New Atlantis, a future in which humans live rich and fulfilling lives as stewards of an ecologically sustainable Earth. Join up for the journey of our time.

Coral Reefs, a new book about coral reefs, out in early 2021: Colorful, exotic, of immense value to humanity, and disappearing rapidly because of our mismanagement of the planet — we are deluged daily by evocative photos and videos of coral reefs, and most everyone knows their story. But most of us don’t really give a damn – coral reefs are simply another just-so nature story.  This book reveals that coral reefs and their messages are far more important to our lives.

Speaking Events & Other News

I frequently speak to community groups and participate in workshops and conferences dealing with the environment, climate change or coral reefs.  I also speak about my books. 

I prefer speaking in front of a group.  But I’m now learning to also enjoy the way the internet permits you to Zoom all over and talk at far away places! 

If you are interested, contact me here.